Fenty Beauty: Now Rihanna is launching a holiday collection

Fenty Beauty launched almost two weeks ago – to much fanfare and anticipation.

In that time, fans have already designated some of the brand’s highlights and foundations as ‘holy grail’ products.

So a new announcement from Rihanna’s beauty company is sure to delight fans.

A capsule ‘holiday’ collection will be launched on October 13, according to a post on Instagram.

The colourful collection is a huge departure from base products the brand has already become famous for (including its foundation, which comes in a massive 40 shades), though perhaps the singer hinted at things to come, with some of the more vibrant highlights in her first launch.

The Instagram post suggests the new collection includes a host of eye and lip colours, in vibrant shades, wrapped up in holographic packaging.

As previously reported, while the range itself is cruelty-free (with some vegan options) there has been some vegan backlash to the launch, as Rihanna is a prolific wearer of fur.

Some animal rights advocates have taken to social media to say buying the products is tantamount to funding this cruel habit.

The new collection – called Galaxy – will be available from Sephora and the Fenty Beauty website.

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