Afterglow Cosmetics commits to staying cruelty-free

Despite a growing number of conscious consumers seeking out cruelty-free make-up options, more brands are choosing to turn their backs on ethics and move into the lucrative Chinese market.

The most contentious recent example of this is NARS – currently facing boycott from many customers after losing its cruelty-free status.

Now Afterglow Cosmetics has made a public statement to say it will always remain cruelty-free.

According to a spokesperson for the brand: “Afterglow Cosmetics’ entire line of products is certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and PETA.

“Afterglow does not condone the testing of products on animals and has never used animal testing. Afterglow will also not test on animals simply to make more money in a country that requires animal testing.

“Additionally, the materials used in the manufacturing process of Afterglow Cosmetics’ come exclusively from companies that also do not test on animals.”

Many of Afterglow Cosmetics products are suitable for vegans, including the brushes which are made from synthetic taklon fibers.

The spokesperson added: “Customers of cosmetic brands that choose to test on animals when the opportunity to increase their revenue presents itself should consider if their purchases are aligned with their values.

“There are many cosmetic brands that don’t test on animals, in any country. Afterglow believes in the global elimination of animal testing in cosmetics and would never try to sell their products in a nation that requires animal testing to sell in their market.

“Afterglow is committed to the cruelty-free movement and will continue to provide certified cruelty-free makeup and cruelty-free makeup brushes.”

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