Dubai’s top cruelty-free brand Luscious Cosmetics launches in the States

Luscious Cosmetics has been a favourite brand in Dubai since its inception 10 years ago.

The products have won a loyal following in the Middle East for their combination of luxe, high-end performance, and affordable pricing.

Now the line has launched Stateside – with every product retailing at around the $20 mark.

Brand founder, Mehrbano Sethi, said: “We are thrilled to finally be in the US!

“I have wanted to enter the US market for years, but as an independent beauty brand, it took some time for us to grow organically around the globe and create enough inventory for the largest beauty market in the world.

“Also, with the rise of homegrown, independent beauty brands and a new focus on diversity and multiculturalism, we feel it’s the perfect time to introduce ourselves as a brand whose DNA is modern, global, beauty.”

Luscious Cosmetics has humble origins.

While Sethi’s love for make-up dates back to infancy (‘I have been obsessed with beauty products since I was a toddler, marveling at my grandmother’s dresser full of powder compacts, lotions, and lipsticks’) the seeds of creating a make-up line were sown at university where Sethi’s way to destress was to mix lipsticks.

She says: “As a college student in Boston, I often reverse-engineered lipstick and foundation shades to suit my friends’ varied skin tones.

“It was the late ’90s, and although we wanted matte, bolder shades, drugstore beauty brands largely carried lots of pale and sheer colours. I used to mix lipstick shades together to de-stress at the student union pre-midterms.

“Later on, faced with the question of starting a business where I could do what I love, makeup was what I chose.

“Luscious Cosmetics was launched in 2007 with a quirky, fun approach to makeup, but with user-friendly products that give serious results.”

Being cruelty-free and vegan (‘before it was trendy to do so’) are just two of the range’s Unique Selling Points. In addition, its affordable pricing and what Sethi calls its ‘multicultural, international’ team bring something new.

“Our product development team is spread over three continents,” she says.

“We are quirky and believe in the timelessness of glamorous packaging and the sheer joy of applying makeup.

“There is a definite South Asia meets Hollywood flavour to our formulations: they’re built to look fabulous but tested to withstand extreme humidity and heat.”


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